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Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM
31 Aldenhoven Road Lonsdale SA 5160

Stocklock Transmission Torque Converter Lockup Kits

Compatible with LC200, PRADO, FORTUNA, HILUX

Stocklock Torque Converter Lock Up Kit is the most technologically advanced kit of its kind, working seamlessly integrating with your vehicle using Pulse Width Modulation. The Pulse Width Modulation power source allows a smooth engagement and disengagement keeping your solenoid cool at all times. The Stocklock is developed and made here in Australia and every kit is test driven before being sold.

Key Benefits of this Torque Converter Lockup Kit

  • Lower gearbox temperatures by reduced slippage.
  • Extended Transmission oil life
  • More Torque to the wheels
  • Reduced flaring in the gears
  • More relaxed drivability of your vehicle
    •Increased engine braking
  • Up to 3 litres per 100km saving
  • No P-Code deletes
  • Custom factory fitting switches
  • No relays

You can install a Stocklock Torque converter with absolute piece of mind that
they have been tried and tested in our great country, all over. Would be almost
no place a Stocklock has not been in Australia. This is one the most beneficial
additions to your vehicle to improve its drivability and longevity.



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