31 Aldenhoven Road Lonsdale SA 5160

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Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM
31 Aldenhoven Road Lonsdale SA 5160

ECU=Shop Adelaide

We are the Adelaide dealer and tuners for ECU=Shop Australia’s ground breaking diesel tuning products


ECU-SHOP are the largest manufacturer of Diesel aftermarket ECUs in the Southern Hemisphere with over 125 employees. Based in Thailand, 100% of the hardware design, software development and manufacturing is undertaken in-house, giving total control over quality. ECU-SHOP have developed the most powerful 4 cylinder diesels in the world with over 1,000hp and have set world records on the race track. The knowledge gained from these developments is applied to ECU-SHOP products that are used every day to Increase Power, Increase Torque, Improve Fuel Economy and Increase Throttle Response. Yes; you can have it all!

Junior Touch Combo

Perfect for stage 1 and addition modifications like larger turbos etc. $2,300 fitted and tuned.

  • Wire in loom
  • Increase boost
  • Real time performance tuning of injector duration, injector timing, commonrail pressure & suction control valve
  • Tuning of 2 AUX ports
  • Adjustable RPM and Speed Limiters
  • Ramble Idle controller
  • NOS controller
  • 3 Maps: OEM – TOWING – POWER
  • Dash mounted touch screen remote to change between maps on the go
  • ECU Chips for Hilux/Hiace 1KD, 1GD, Colorado, Navara D40, Triton, Pajero, D-Max

Ultra Boost

$1,800 installed and tuned

  • Plug and Play custom loom
  • Increase boost
  • Real time performance tuning of common rail pressure across the RPM range
  • Real time tuning of injector duration
  • 3 Maps: OEM – TOWING – POWER
  • Dash mounted touch screen remote to switch between maps on the go with intuitve Mobile Application.
  • AI Mode for self learning to optimies Injectors and rail pressure
  • Built in Boost and Rail pressure gauges : : : DIY facility for advanced users to tune  Injectors via mobileApp
  • ECU Chips for Hilux/Hiace 1KD/2KD, Colorado, Navara D40, Pajero, D-Max, Triton  

Boost Speed Next Throttle Controllers


  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Control via our Mobile Phone App
  • RESPONSE mode 14 Steps + OEM
  • ECO mode for Saving Fuel
  • ANTI SLIP mode for Off Road
  • ANTI THEFT mode – Vehicle Disabler
  • Change between settings on the go
  • Models for most drive-by-wire vehicles

Monster Max KD

$2.400 Installed and tuned

  • Ultimate Module for Toyota 1KD Series Vehicles
  • 2 Tune select including on-off mode
  • Throttle response, Injector (profile & duration), MAF sensor, commonrail pressure, boost cut function & Boost Map
  • Fuel Range Select
  • SCV Controller
  • AUX Input (REV Limit/Fuel Limit/NOS) Function
  • 5 Year Manufacturer warranty

Monster Gauge V2


  • OBD II Auto universal Diagnostic Scan tool 12V/24V
  • Clear Diagnostic Trouble code information
  • Real-time engine parameter display
  • Diagnostic trouble description by brand
  • Communicate to ECU shop products for control
  • “Tuning mode” – auto show diagnostic trouble code
  • “Race mode” – auto clear diagnostic trouble code and show log
  • OLED Display, Day and night auto dimmer function
  • Alarm for RPM, vehicle speed, Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine overheat log
  • Measure horsepower, time (0-100KM/H), distance meter (Trip A, Trip B and ODO)
  • Clock Display & Service warning