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Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM
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Diesel Tuning Adelaide

Dyno Tuning Special

Welcome to Adelaide’s Diesel Dyno Tuning House

Have you optimised your truck to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible? Trusted Mechanical Services can help you with diesel tuning in Adelaide to improve your driving experience. We have been in the industry for over 30 years, helping clients safely maximise their vehicle’s performance according to their requirements. We use dyno tuning to achieve precise configurations verified for safety and optimisation.

What Our Customers Say

Had a great experience with Trusted mechanical Services. My MN Triton came in for a ECU remap which I am very happy with. Feels like a new car cheers boys.
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Matthew Lord
Noticed an immediate improvement in my BT-50's performance post diesel dyno tune, very happy with it. Travis is very knowledgable and helpful. Recommended.
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Adam N. Avatar
Adam N.
Yet again Travis has done a brilliant job on my ute, had it in to get a Remap as the ute was lacking in the mid range for towing but not any more it is a totally different ute now. Thanks again.
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Scott Wilson Avatar
Scott Wilson
Was an easy, trouble free experience. Initially left a message and received a prompt call back and was able to book my MUX in for a ECU Dyno tune quickly. Car is running great with more poke and better economy. Can't wait to tow the van!
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Richard Dunstall Avatar
Richard Dunstall
Finished when said they would. Picked up an issue and fixed that day. Re-map is great. Highly recommend
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Grant Augostin Avatar
Grant Augostin
Trusted remapped my car for towing - great result - they are real experts
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James Waldron Avatar
James Waldron

We write custom tunes, for your vehicle live on our dyno!

Custom ECU Remapping from $1,195

The Benefits of Diesel Tuning in Adelaide

Most diesel engines are programmed to perform in general settings in a one-size-fits-all fashion. While these settings are ideal when installing engines, they are not the best for the end user. An un-optimised diesel engine leads to lesser fuel economy, poor performance, and a harder working engine. Here are the pros of using our Adelaide professionals for diesel tuning.

Increased power and torque

Diesel tuning will increase your vehicle’s acceleration, reduce lag, improve economy, enhance smoother gear shifts, and allow for more responsive driving.

Better engine longevity

Diesel tuning reduces the stress on your engine components, reducing wear and tear. This is because your will have more low-down power and torque, therefore not having to rev the engine as hard.


Diesel tuning is a cost-effective way to improve your car’s performance compared to other upgrades like engine swaps. The process is affordable and provides long-term performance gains.

Customisable performance

Diesel tuning allows you to tailor your vehicle to suit your driving needs, whether you want an aggressive or a smooth driving style. You can also customise your diesel car to match your driving conditions. For instance, you can customise your vehicle for low-speed performance if you do a lot of city driving.

Precise Configuration And Performance Monitoring

Dyno tuning involves running your vehicle on a dyno to record data such as actual fuel mixtures, boost levels, timing, and rail pressure. This level of monitoring enables your vehicle to be precisely tuned to its desired configuration with verified performance data. It also ensures that there are no issues with your vehicle before and after it is tuned. Running generic purchased tunes on your vehicle without verifying them on a dyno is not ideal. Issues might arise before the tuner has tested and verified the safety and optimisation of a tune. Hence, our dyno tuning services in Adelaide offer a safer and
more efficient tuning process.


ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping if the modification of the file maps written inside the ECU to give More power, Better throttle response and in most cases, better fuel economy.

No, as older and some new vehicles with locked ECU’s cannot be remapped. However most common rail diesel vehicles ECU’s can be accessed for remapping and tuning.

For vehicles that cannot have their ECU remapped, we are an authorised Uni-Chip dealer and ECU=Shop Australia dealer offering their advanced modules as an alternative. This module can be installed and live tuned on our dyno to your requirements. With such features as multiple maps and over temp control.

Running your vehicle on a vehicle dyno allows the recording of data such as actual fuel mixtures, boost levels timing, rail pressure etc.

This allows you vehicle to be precisely tuned to its desired configuration and verifies the vehicle state of tune and performance. While proving there are no issues with your vehicle before and after it is tuned.

This level of monitoring is far safer than having a generic purchased tune loaded to you vehicle and sending you on your way (known as a “carpark tune”). Without verifying on a dyno your vehicle is OK to be tuned and that the tune is safe and/or optimised for your vehicle is not ideal.

Our custom diesel dyno tune services cater to different vehicle types and configurations. Depending on your driving style, You can expect customised and verified gains in power, torque, drivability, throttle response, and fuel economy. Trust us to deliver tailor-made diesel tuning that gets the job done safely and effectively.


If you drive a non-registered or off-road vehicle, you may be looking to remove anti-pollution systems, such as AdBlue, DPFs, or EGR valves. At Trusted Mechanical Services, we can help you with that. Our team of experts can remove these systems and improve your vehicle’s performance.


We value your convenience and aim to provide services that make vehicle maintenance as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we offer loan vehicles on request to keep you moving while we work on your vehicle.


Common Diesel Vehicles We Tune

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