Diesel Intake system cleaning takes a big step forward as we continue to address this issue with our most advanced system to date at Trusted Mechanical Service.

Carbon, soot and many other contaminants become deposited in all engines as a side effect or your vehi
cles emission system. However this is more prevalent in diesel engines due to the diesel fuel they use.
With nearly 30 years’ experience with diesel engines, we know the problems this can cause. (surging, pore throttle response, economy and rough, smokey running)

How do you fix it without costly strip downs of engine components? With our latest system cleaning services, we remove your engine contaminants built up over time to a level never seen before without removing engine components.

Diesel engine

The benefits include Bringing back power, torque, economy and longevity to your vehicle’s engine.

Combine this with our pump and injector cleaning system and see even more improvement to your vehicles engine. It will breathe better and deliver better fueling. The results we have been achieving on contaminated engines are truly amazing.

What does the process involve?


Injecting a specially formulate agent through multiple locations of the intake system with the motor running. This process breaks down the carbon build up on the internals of the intake system, turbo inlet and exhaust wheels, EGR, cylinder head and valves. The broken down carbon is now able to pass through the engine and out the tail pipe. On it’s way, the agent is still working to clean a blocked cat and even a semi blocked DPF as it exits the tail pipe. This is then followed by an extensive test drive to help the intake air flow remove any trace elements that may still be in the system out the exhaust to finish the cleaning process.

Note: Blocked DPF’s are extremely expensive to replace and we also offer a more intense process if needed for this should you have a DPF blockage and engine fault. This is a separate service.


I had my 2011 3.2d Pajero de-coked and fuel lines cleaned by TMS a couple of weeks ago.
I had three people in the car, luggage and towing a caravan and I have been delighted with the economy compared to before I had it done. I normally travel long distances by myself towing and have got at best 13l/100
This trip with the extra weight about 200kg. The best I got before was 18l/100 that’s traveling speed of 90/95 kilometres phr, and now no black smoke, money well spent. I will be travelling
alone again in the next week and interested to see the results. Thanks guys good job.

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David Hunt