Why do I need to have my diesel fuel system professionally cleaned?

10423764_870304116327654_3026702812140112248_nThis is a very good question. You may be thinking that the factory fuel filter on your diesel car, off-roader or truck is enough to catch any contaminants circulating through the fuel system and keep it clean. If you have had a look at our “Filter System” page, you will know that this is definitely not the case!

Apart from the usual contaminants that find their way into your fuel tank, such as fine particulates (dust and dirt, pollen, etc), we also see many systems with water contamination. Whilst this is dangerous to the health of your fuel system and can cause damaging friction and corrosion, there is also another issue related to water.

The Dreaded “Diesel Fuel Bug”

The term “Fuel Bug” or “Fuel Virus” is used to cover a wide variety of bacterial strains that can find a home in your fuel tank and fuel system. In fact, there are more than 27 different varieties that can enter undetected and lay dormant. Once water enters the system and the correct temperatures are reached, the bacteria start to multiply, doubling their numbers every twenty minutes. This means that a single bacteria can swell and multiply into 260,000 bacteria in a period of only 6 hours! Given the right conditions, a 10kg mass can grow from a single cell in only 12 hours.

Unfortunately, certain bacteria, once actively reproducing, form a film on fuel system parts and produce some rather nasty by-products which can attack and corrode metal parts, and are dangerous to both your fuel system and yourself. Due to its reproductive rates, the bacteria can also accumulate in such quantities that it restricts fuel flow through the injection system, resulting in poor performance and economy, rough running and hard starting.

The Elite Fuel Systems Is The Solution!

The Elite team has worked hard on a solution to help rid your fuel system of not only normal water and particulate contamination, but also bacterial contaminants. The Elite Diesel Injector Cleaning System uses a larger version of the filter used in the Elite Filter System, so you get the same 2 micron filtering ability.

 A 1 litre mix of equal parts cleaning chemical and diesel fuel is held in the tank, and pumped through the injector pump with the engine running. The solution passes through the injector pump and returns to the holding tank, being pushed through the 2 micron filter before it repeats the cycle. A small amount is pushed through the injectors, cleaning them of carbon and contaminants as it moves into the combustion chambers. The vehicle will actually run solely on this mix for up to an hour, whilst the chemical solution does it’s work. The advantage of this system is that it breaks down, removes and collects contaminants as it cycles the cleaning solution through the injector pump. Competitors cleaning systems work by also allowing the engine to run on the cleaning solution, but the contaminants and deposits are broken down and then pass through the injector pump and injectors, sometimes causing more wear and damage as they exit into the combustion chamber. We want to protect your engine, not cause it more issues!


I had my navara get the Elite fuel system cleaning treatment and I can honestly say it goes like a rocket, Even for a turbo diesel. The muck that came out of the fuel system for a car that runs on premium diesel was surprising and a little disturbing. The way the car runs now scary. It’s like it has had a full engine swap. For the sake of a few hundred bucks it’s more than worth it. Thanks heaps guys. The fuel economy it’s now getting will pay it off in a month or so anyway. 


Troy N

Customers and mechanics have been amazed at the amount of particulate and bacterial matter filtered from the fuel systems of vehicles by the cleaning system. See the photos below for some of the results:

This photo shows settled bacterial matter that has been killed by the cleaning solution.

This photo shows settled bacterial matter that has been killed by the cleaning solution.

Living bacterial matter (grey sludge) removed from injector pump by the Elite Cleaning System

Living bacterial matter (grey sludge) removed from injector pump by the Elite Cleaning System