Why do I need an aftermarket filter system solution?

At this stage, you may be asking yourself “Why do I need to fit an aftermarket filter to my diesel vehicle, when it already has a filter fitted from the factory?” Good question!

Read on, and you will understand why the Elite Fuel System works hard to offer you the fuel system protection that your vehicle should have had from new.

The Elite Fuel System team had the opportunity to fit a filter kit to a customers brand new diesel vehicle. The car had only travelled minimal distance when the kit was fitted. During installation, the factory fuel filter was left in place, with the Elite Fuel Systems filter fitted between the factory fuel filter and the injector pump. The Elite system SHOULD have received clean fuel from the factory filter. Both the Elite team and the customer was surprised to see the state of the filter in the Elite filter system when the vehicle returned after covering 40,000km. See the filter below:

2 micron fuel filter unit with internal brushless pump and sensors

2 micron fuel filter unit with internal brushless pump and sensors

Ultimate ongoing protection for your vehicles fuel system

Ultimate ongoing protection for your vehicles fuel system

micron1 (1)The fuel filter shown above was removed from the Elite filter assembly for replacement. Remember, this element was receiving fuel that had passed through and been filtered by the factory fuel filter that came as standard equipment with the car. As you can see, the factory fuel filter did a poor job of catching and holding contaminants suspended in the fuel. If the Elite filter had not been in place, these contaminants would have passed directly into the engines injector pump.

Whilst early diesels could deal with some contaminants (having larger clearances between fuel system parts), the major issue we see now is that many new Common Rail diesel injectors and pumps are built to very fine tolerances to allow them to run at the desired high pressures, with the clearances between parts typically allowing fuel through gaps in the range of 5 microns. This fuel, whilst being injected and burnt in the engine, also lubricates the moving parts in both the injectors and pump. The contaminants you see in the photos above have passed through the factory filter, many of which filter down to a range of approximately 10-15 micron. This means that particulates suspended in the fuel that passes through the factory filter will not fit through the clearances in injector pumps and injectors, causing considerable damage and wear as they travel through the system. We are talking about extremely small particles and clearances here, and you can see below just how small a micron is:

Another issue to contend with is water contamination. With injectors and injector pumps running such fine tolerances, any loss of lubrication between parts can be catastrophic to the internal workings of your fuel system. If water is allowed to make its way into the injector pump, the lubricating film of diesel fuel between components is replaced by water, which has no lubricating properties under these conditions, and can also cause corrosion. With metal parts dragging against each other, friction, seizure and serious damage will occur in a surprisingly short time, requiring the replacement of some very expensive items to return your fuel system (and therefore vehicle) to operating condition. The Elite Fuel Systems premium quality filter element has a water-resistant coating and will trap and collect all water passing into it with the fuel, and as long as you drain this contaminant when required, will do no damage to your engine and fuel system.

The question you should be asking yourself now is this:

“Why hasn’t my car been fitted with an Elite Fuel Systems fuel filter kit yet!”

Welcome to the ultimate in Diesel filtration!

Quality US-Made Cast Alloy Construction

Elite Fuel Systems use only quality alloy castings for its filter assemblies. This ensures long service life and the ability to withstand the rigours of everyday vehicle use, whether it be normal daily driving, off-roading or commercial use in any application.

Brushless Electric Fuel Pump

The choice of a brushless fuel pump ensures that the system will offer years of reliable service, provide consistent flow and pressure through the filter assembly, and reduce the number of internal items that can wear and cause failure. The pump is incorporated in the filter housing, so the unit is compact and self-contained. The internal filter pump ensures that the standard vehicle transfer pump does not incur the extra load of pushing fuel through the 2 micron filter (it actually takes load off the standard pump), and allows the filter system to be mounted in any convenient position. Many standard fuel pumps will eventually fail when vehicles are fitted with extra filters without this feature.

High Efficiency Filtration

The filter element used in the Elite Filter System has been chosen after extensive bench and field testing. It will filter out 99.9% of particulate and water contaminants down to 2 microns, and has a waterproof coating (meaning that it will continue to filter and will not break down when exposed to water over extended periods). Whilst many other filters appeared promising in the initial stages, continued testing proved that they eventually failed and allowed contaminants through in the long-term test bench system. Whilst testing was carried out to the extreme, surpassing what would normally occur in everyday use, we had to ensure that the filter and pump would be able to cope with any filtration situation that it may encounter to guarantee that only clean fuel would be allowed to pass through to the injector pump. The filter chosen in the system has survived excessive abuse over extended periods and displayed no ill effects, capturing all contaminants and remaining completely intact.

“Water In Fuel” and “Blocked Fuel System” Warnings

Whilst the filter used in our system is extremely efficient at stopping contaminants in their tracks, you still need to be aware of when it has done it’s job and collected enough problem substances to require attention. To this end, a warning system has been built into each filter assembly. A sensor in the bowl of the filter and a pressure sensor activate a dash mounted warning system to let you know of any potential issues well before there is any damage to your engine or fuel system.

Self-Venting Drain

The Elite Fuel Systems filter assembly is fitted with a self-venting drain at the base of the fuel bowl. If the “Drain Water” warning light activates, you simply stop the vehicle, switch off the engine, open the drain valve and the contaminants are removed from the bowl. Simple!

Plug-in Wiring Loom

A high quality hand-made wiring loom is included in the Elite Fuel Systems kit. The loom is quick and easy to fit, and requires no cutting of the original vehicle factory wiring.

Benefits of installing the Elite Fuel Systems filter:

-Prevents injector pump and injector damage by supplying clean fuel at constant pressure from start-up.

-Internal fuel pump delivers improved power and engine smoothness at low rpm by allowing the injection system to work efficiently, and assists the standard vehicle fuel pump.

-Reduced start-up rattle.

-Warning system activates before any damage occurs to your fuel system and engine.

-Reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

-Simple and easy to use water drain.

-Quality wiring loom included, no cutting of factory vehicle wiring required.

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Source: Elite fuel systems