Trusted Mechanical Services warrants that there will be no defects in parts and workmanship for:
12 months or 20,000kms in respect to the work performed on this invoice. Some components have longer warranties i.e. batteries and these items will be warrantied by the manufacturer as stated at time if invoice.FullSizeRender1

Conditions of Warranty
Please note that this warranty applies to defective materials and workmanship that can be attributed to a Trusted Mechanical Services repair under normal use and operation of the vehicle concerned during the warranty period and the warranty does not apply to defects caused by:
(a) the owner’s failure properly to maintain and use or operate the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
(b) failure to carry out any repairs recommended, either verbally or in writing, by Trusted Mechanical Services;
(c) failure to return the vehicle to Trusted Mechanical Services for servicing every six months or 10,000 kms, whichever comes first, for service, inspection and maintenance of repairs;
(d) the engine being subjected to overheating, use of tap water, loss of coolant, loss of oil, lack of adequate maintenance or general signs of abuse;
(e) any other party dismantling or interfering with work carried out by Trusted Mechanical Services.
(f) any secondary parts not included in the scope of initial repairs of work performed by Trusted Mechanical Services

NOTE FOR DIESEL ENGINE VEHICLE : Excessive cylinder temperatures from over fueling due to fuel control component failures is a common cause of head gasket or engine replacement requirements if left un-checked and un-noticed. Trusted Mechanical Services highly recommends the fitment of an exhaust gas temperature sensor or (EGT) sensor to diesel powered vehicles. If this option is not taken, warranty may be voided if over fueling is identified as a cause of any future failure of installed components after such repairs.